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An ISO 22000 & HACCP Certified Company

Mohani Tea Leaves Pvt. Ltd. (MTL) is synonymous with the finest tea company in the industry. The company was established with the resolution that its reputation must be based on the quality of its products. We maintain commitment to quality.
Mohani tea is a tea manufacturing company and is amongst the top 10 tea brands in India. Our company is one of the popular tea companies in India. Mohani tea provides best green tea in India. Being one of the largest indian tea companies and also supplies various types of tea flavors like darjeeling tea, CTC tea etc. all around the world. Mohani tea has now diversified into tea bags supplying and is also one amongst the tea bag manufacturers. Tea is a kind of a drink which is made from the leaves of the tea plant. Tea is among the most popular drink all around the world. Huge number of people in India is in a habit of consuming tea daily. But still lot of people are not sure that which tea they should consume so that they can experience health benefits also. Mohani has solved this problem as it is a supplier of various types of tea like flavour tea supplier, herbal tea supplier, black tea supplier and tea leaves supplier. Mohani tea also supplies to private label tea companies which provides best quality tea to the people all around the world.  From among the various exporters of tea all around the world, mohani tea is also the top tea exporter from India. There are number of tea companies in India which aim to provide best quality flavoured tea. One cup of mohani tea energises the body and also refreshes mind. Our company is the best quality tea leaves supplier all around the world. And behind the success of mohani tea, Mr. Ramesh Chandra Aggarwal the Managing Director has contributed much.

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